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Why is Ralph Running? (A note from Ralph)

Dear Friends,

As a resident of a small town in Idaho, I have always valued the community I live in. I have worked behind the front lines in local, county, and State politics for many years. Now, I am running for State Rep, because I can't sit back and let our state's economy, education, and competitiveness erode any further. Let me explain.

I have called Idaho home for over 30 years, and I believe strongly in the people of this state. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of having a healthy economy, and I trust the people of this area to know what is best for our future. Like all small business owners, I know first-hand that businesses have to be adaptable and forward-thinking to remain profitable, and I understand that this same kind of creative problem-solving must be brought to Boise to help Idaho grow its economy and its independence.

Right now, Idaho is at a standstill. For many years, our State leaders have failed to prepare for the future, contributing to our present dire financial situation by cutting funding for education when we need it most. Rather than treating the State’s economy like the budget of a business, the Idaho Legislature has simply cut most State services, even though many of these programs contribute more than they cost.

I am running for State Rep as someone who appreciates the desire of Idahoans to live the lives they choose. I believe our State Representatives should be available to the people who live in this District and should be informed by their ideas. This is not how it’s been. Time has shown that instead of asking the people who live here for advice on how to govern our state, my opponent goes to Boise and disregards us. When I am elected, I vow to reach out to all of the citizens of our district. I will help to support, develop, and pass forward-thinking legislation that comes from the people who live here and takes us in a direction that we want to go.

I believe that the people of District 32 deserve a choice – a chance to direct their own futures – and I am committed to giving it to them. For the first time in years, our future is once again ours to create, and, when I am elected, I will make sure it stays this way.

Thank you for your interest and support, and I look forward to visiting with you and representing you in Boise.


Ralph Mossman


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