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Protecting the quality of our children's future, NOT selling education short for political gains.
  • Trusting and consulting professional educators and parents to find the best solutions for student achievement.
  • Fighting for every Idaho child's right to a quality education.
  • Working to make school grounds safer for our children.
  • Restoring stable funding to our schools.
  • NEVER sacrificing education funding, UNLESS NO OTHER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE.

Helping our small businesses compete in today's market, NOT over-privileging large corporations.
  • Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses by making sales tax fair and uniform.
  • Creating Jobs by supporting and encouraging small business growth.

Accessible and willing to champion YOUR ideas, NOT "killing" good legislation behind closed doors.
  • Representing the People of District 31 by listening to your concerns and working for you in the Legislature.
  • Defending Local Authority by moving more decision-making to our Cities and Counties, instead of letting Boise decide what's right for us.
  • Demonstrating Transparency by bringing popular ideas, which our current representative has ignored, to discussion and vote in the Legislature.




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