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This is an interesting election. Both Tom Loertscher and I are running as write in candidates against Chad Christensen, who is the only name on the general election ballot. I am running to give those of you who know me, or like what I have said in the past, the opportunity to cast a vote that reflects your beliefs about how government should run.

I am running as a write in candidate this time because I did not expect Chad Christensen to win in the primary, so I never filed as a regular candidate in March. I am worried that Mr. Christensen is not qualified, and seems to be primarily running as a gun advocate who was angry with Tom Loertscher for not being enough of a gun advocate, even though Loertscher has an A+ rating with the NRA!

Many of you know that I have run against Tom Loertscher many times. I made the decision not to run against him this year because I felt that I was already doing enough as a member of the Driggs City Council, and perhaps more importantly, I felt that Representative Loertscher was doing a better job in his position than he had been, and I never expected him to lose in the primary!

I am not running to win this time around. I want your voice to be heard. I want people to realize that there are lots of us who love Idaho, who don't think the best way to fight for our freedoms is by arming ourselves to the hilt. I am hoping that the pen is still mightier than the sword.


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